Another entry from my observation journal.

I always get hungry for Chick Fil-A on Sundays. I drive by them other days of the week but they aren’t as inviting as when they are closed. I chuckle to myself because this has happened more times than I can count. Perhaps it is the empty parking lot that catches my attention. It’s a great time to stop—no waiting! I laugh as I keep driving but my mind quickly thinks of the other things that seem to come to mind on Sunday, such as a craft item I need. It’s great to have Hobby Lobby nearby but I rarely stop in. My mind doesn’t rest until Sunday when I can squeeze a little project time into my week full of obligations. I’m grateful businesses allow time for their families time have the day without work obligations and wish there were more who would do the same. But then, what else would I hanker for on Sunday that I couldn’t appease? The garden center, our favorite restaurant, or the grocery store—if they were closed on Sundays, could I make do? I think we all could adjust in due time if we gained peace in our busy schedules. Perhaps the Walgreens on every corner could darken their doors as well… probably not.


One thought on “Sunday

  1. I remember Sundays when nothing but maybe a gas station would be open.
    Up off to church then home for early dinner. Mom always amazed me with her speed, now you don’t see it, then you do, a full sit down meal for 5.

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