Ode to Brown

Following is a List Poem from my Creative Writing class to pay homage to a familiar place. I have written about the employee parking lot at UPS where I work unloading semi trailers while going to school. The parking lot is dark yet illuminated. A variety of cars. A variety of workers. All come to […]

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Change of Seasons

It best to explain this entry after a long pause with the words that frequently come on my heart. Luke 2:19, “Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Bloggers neglect their sites, pay domaine fees, and occasionally post an article about what has prevented them from writing. The reality is, […]

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Returning to a family

Tonight my daughters sat on the bedroom floor having a heart to heart. They came together on their own accord so it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. This image is an answer to a prayer I stopped praying years ago. Through this one unexpected addition to our family, our house […]

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I Miss Hearing Your Voice

Grab a beverage find a comfortable chair. This is an extended Random Musing. [I hope to divide this into two shorter posts. Today, they were still connected in my mind. It would have been like trying to split my personality. Easy for some, not so for me. I’ll work on that.] I’m writing today for […]

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Repair the Breach

Many kids in America returned to school yesterday after Christmas break. I was thinking of them on my way home from school and felt prompted to write a post to petition for prayers. During break many kids have been subjected to abuse or exposure to an environment of triggers without the sanctuary of their school. The stress […]

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[stuck] Here in America

I stumbled on this recording in my studio, quite randomly today. It is worth a few minutes to listen to. If you want to know what my heart is saying… why I cannot ignore the call to return to the Toledo District of Belize soon… to Rwanda one day… The irony to this prophetic work […]

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