The Ocean

It glimmers and shimmersSo inviting – jump inYou don’t realize it’s depth until you are up to your neckTreading waterDrowning I stand at the shore, letting the water touch my toesYounger not wiserI don’t realize how cold it is, just standing on the shoreUnaware of the danger further out where the sunshine shimmers on the […]

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Shop ’til I drop

Alternate title “Parcels United” I unload semi trucks filled with parcels at night while many people sleep. I wonder who is shopping local. A wall of boxes filled with smiles. I smile back and move them on their way. Walls as big as an Amazon. Smiling. Then another. And another. Will it end? My smile […]

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Returning to a family

Tonight my daughters sat on the bedroom floor having a heart to heart. They came together on their own accord so it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. This image is an answer to a prayer I stopped praying years ago. Through this one unexpected addition to our family, our house […]

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From our 2014 Thanksgiving letter: If I write about all that happened in the past year, I could fill far more than a page. Even if I stay on the specific topic God placed on my heart for reflection this past year, I could fill volumes! It amazed me how deep and intricately God intertwined “humble” […]

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Money. It’s a drag. 

My daughter knows we only have about an hour in the mall before anxiety sets in. I think it is the white noise that slowly erodes my nerves or the smell of the food court. My reality though is that it’s like an alcoholic walking into a tavern. I’ve seen the dark side of retail […]

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