What if…

…the purpose of my prose is merely to give voice to those who feel silenced? …profit never comes but those who read a composition are enriched because they no longer feel alone? …this season is merely a cathartic exercise to trim the excess weight from my soul? …a legacy is unknown by my name but […]

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I Just Walked Away

Out of the blue. A voice from my past. Decades past.She was not kind why stay in touch?Her brother. My first love. Young and foolish.A bother and sister. Love and hate.I just walked away. He couldn’t be trusted.She kept in touch randomly sporadically To taunt him To gossip A part of her that loved to […]

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The Ocean

It glimmers and shimmersSo inviting to jump inYou don’t realize it’s depth until you are up to your neck Treading water Drowning We stood at the shore, letting the water touch our toesYounger not wiserYou don’t realize how cold it is, just standing on the shore I was up to my knees when we metEnjoying […]

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