It’s the Eleventh Day of Christmas

“Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.Lord, come back to us! How long will you delay?…” Psalm 90:12-13 [NLT] Today is the ninth* day of Christmas and the second day of the New Year. So, here we are… day two. How’s it going so far? We are […]


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Peace Joy Love

Christmas Eve 2021 I’ve been dreaming of the day I’d get to my early morning shift at UPS and hear these words— “Would you like to go home?” Today I received one of the best gifts this season. I appreciate the stillness in our home in the wee hours of the morning. It’s hard to […]

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You’re Not an After-Thought

If you follow my blog, there has been a lapse of time between posts. I’ve taken time in 2020 to do a LOT of reading. I am authentically listening more. I’ve written as a cathartic exercise rather than writing to publish. In recent months I have shared many evangelistic messages on my personal Facebook profile. […]

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Ready for Take Off

The Monarchs Flight Sunny Saturday mornCool water on bright flowersPraising, I look to the skyEyes closed. PonderingA breeze across my faceWinds from the westAirport to the eastJet engines roar overheadPraise interrupted with tearsA week from todayShe will leaveLike a MonarchHer flight to MexicoLate AugustEmerging from a cocoonSpreading her beautiful wingsA calling to homeOr running awayWill […]

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This is U.S.

A Facebook post copied here for whatever God has need of. May He alone be glorified by the words and experiences He has allowed through me. I live in SE Wisconsin but my home awaits. Updated Saturday morning: There are thoughts that branch from this post and had me awake in prayer. I struggle with […]

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Things of this world

These thoughts flowed from my heart to a Facebook status today. It asked what was on my mind, so I wrote. A few words jumped out at me in this passage in the parable of the seed sower from Luke 8. Believers and professors of faith in Christ Jesus— take a look at verse 14 […]

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20/20 Vision

A Facebook testimony To start, a few visuals— The runner who can’t break their personal record. The scale that won’t budge on your weigh loss journey. The gamer who can’t get to the next level. The rock climber who can’t get reach the peak or plateau. At a distance, they see the big picture. Up […]

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Mix Tape Memories

Music speaks to me– it always has. I wake each morning with a song on my mind. The lyric aligns with my thoughts for the day yet comes out of the blue. Today as I worked a song came on my mind, completely out of left field. I haven’t watched Evita or heard “Don’t Cry […]

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