Ignorance Is Bliss?

Less than a month before my latest journey, I dropped my Smartphone. It didn’t have a case. It’s pretty ignorant to believe my glass screen was impervious. Truth be known, I haven’t been able to squeeze the cost of a rugged case into my budget so I was exercised caution¬†with the phone. Sometimes a case […]

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Even the Sparrow

This verse came up again last night. My brother-in-law was teaching the message at my hometown church. This verse has been showing up quite a bit– radio broadcasts, songs, devotions, and totally random places. This morning I’ve been afforded some time to write so it seems a perfect opportunity to focus on this well-known verse […]

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A Charmed Life

My life originated in Northern Wisconsin. The city folk that would visit back in the 70’s led me to believe our style of living was lacking luxuries of modern times. I longed to leave and did so as soon as I had graduated high school– not yet 18 years of age.  Ironically, my table has […]

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Picture Perfect

A former acquaintance once said to me, “When you look in the mirror, you don’t see what everyone else sees, do you?” I considered myself quite average and often felt quite insecure about my appearance. I recall spending lots of time sitting on the bathroom sink as a little girl, looking in the mirror and […]

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Can We See The Tally?

I feel ragged. I’m trying to find words to vocalize my emotions but can’t exactly put my finger on the cause. When I think about the things that matter most, I feel joy. Then again, I don’t feel happy. Confused? Me too.  The image that keeps coming to mind is Jerry Lewis at the end […]

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Called or Held

I didn’t hear from him but that’s not unusual. I can count the mission trips I have been on but cannot count the business trips I’ve made. Many were single day trips before September 11 changed air travel forever.  I recall my first day trip for a press approval. As the tiny prop plane sped […]

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Adios, amigos!

Saying goodbye last night, the end of our Mexico mission trip, reminded me of the last day of summer camp. I spent a week getting to know my new best friends… that I never saw again.  Last night was different when I realized I will likely see many of these sweet people again. Even those […]

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