Picture Perfect

A former acquaintance once said to me, “When you look in the mirror, you don’t see what everyone else sees, do you?” I considered myself quite average and often felt quite insecure about my appearance. I recall spending lots of time sitting on the bathroom sink as a little girl, looking in the mirror and […]

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Can We See The Tally?

I feel ragged. I’m trying to find words to vocalize my emotions but can’t exactly put my finger on the cause. When I think about the things that matter most, I feel joy. Then again, I don’t feel happy. Confused? Me too.  The image that keeps coming to mind is Jerry Lewis at the end […]

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Called or Held

I didn’t hear from him but that’s not unusual. I can count the mission trips I have been on but cannot count the business trips I’ve made. Many were single day trips before September 11 changed air travel forever.  I recall my first day trip for a press approval. As the tiny prop plane sped […]

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Adios, amigos!

Saying goodbye last night, the end of our Mexico mission trip, reminded me of the last day of summer camp. I spent a week getting to know my new best friends… that I never saw again.  Last night was different when I realized I will likely see many of these sweet people again. Even those […]

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Dodged a Bullet

Today would have been my wedding day.  It would have been.  I called it off when it clearly wasn’t headed in the right direction. It wasn’t the first err of judgement I had made in my life. It wouldn’t be the last.  I’ve had a lot of time this morning to think about the sovereignty […]

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The Climb

We made our way up one of the largest rocks in the world yesterday. But truly, we only made it half-way. To get to the top we would have needed climbing gear and a guide. Our desire was there but my daughter and I decided before our trip the risk was greater than our need […]

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Better or Bitter

How you react to what life brings on is more important than what happens. Right? I’ve had about a week to reflect on the premature end of life with our student from Japan. She moved on to her third host family. Ideally, you only have one American family. I have been quiet for months as […]

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