Ignorance Is Bliss?

Less than a month before my latest journey, I dropped my Smartphone. It didn’t have a case. It’s pretty ignorant to believe my glass screen was impervious. Truth be known, I haven’t been able to squeeze the cost of a rugged case into my budget so I was exercised caution with the phone. Sometimes a case […]

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Returning to a family

Tonight my daughters sat on the bedroom floor having a heart to heart. They came together on their own accord so it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. This image is an answer to a prayer I stopped praying years ago. Through this one unexpected addition to our family, our house […]

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On the 12th day of Christmas

Today is the twelfth day of Christmas. Epiphany. Three Kings Day.  I had several epiphanies (or epiphani) of my own today. I also visited with three wise men. After the third fruitful encounter, I came home to rest my swelling cranium for fear it might rupture. Many a seed was watered today on what is […]

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Christmas Defines Love

A Love Letter [PDF format] Love is… I spent the majority of my life searching for love. Like so many, I looked for love in the wrong places, the wrong people, and the wrong type of love. My father left the earth when I was just nine years old. He spent the last year of […]

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Glory Days

There are things that happened in Belize that I cannot recall but I know they were great works of the Spirit. My inability to recall and retell isn’t because God doesn’t want me/us to share our witness of faith. By losing sight of the details, it is His astute way of making sure we/I do […]

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