Windows to the Soul

An entry from my observation journal.

My daughter turned 21 years old a few weeks ago. Today we are in Africa and her striking blue eyes capture the attention of many. People say she looks like me but those who are better judges of similarity know she resembles her dad all the more. I watch as she stares out the bus window. Just like I did. Just like I do.

She is nothing like I dreamed she would be. When I have the chance to look straight into her eyes, I see a person with incredible depth and beauty. Words cannot amply describe her complexity. She has a willingness to meet people where they are, no matter how deep or dark, and stay with them until they are ready to come to the surface.  

I spent most of my life wondering what my children would be like. We spent a few years trying to conceive which allowed my desire for motherhood to set deep roots. My daughter was just a couple weeks old the first time I met her. She was a beautiful, content baby. In the middle of the night, she lay awake with her head on my chest. I rocked her and said wearily, “Please go to sleep baby girl– tomorrow we can play.” Her head lifted off my chest and she looked me straight in the eyes. That was the first time I saw my daughters personality. Eyes are the windows to the soul. This is true.


How do you feel after reading this post?

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