Glory Days

I posted the previous blog entry on my Facebook status this morning. I have time to write as I’m quarantined for a few days of rest. I would like to post excerpts of my previous social media status messages leading up to today. They were cathartic and as helpful to others as they were to my own heart.

Sometimes we are preaching to the choir and sometimes we have been muted or lost in the algorithms of social media-land.

I am part of the “essential work force” of America. Not the brave, amazing frontline workers— simply a cog in the motor. A package handler— working for solid healthcare benefits and a considerably smaller paycheck than I had become accustomed to. After two corporate downsizings (2008 and 2014), I took a step back to recover from burnout and refocus on what really matters.

Advertising was my dream job. I thought Darrin Stevens had a cool gig. I was “Bewitched“. The day I packed up my office, I knew in my heart God had a plan. I’ve had six years of wandering in the desert to gain new perspective, whittle away the dead weight, and recalibrate to run the rest of the race for His glory instead of my own fame or fortune.

Some might take the sting of two layoffs with bitterness or regret. I had a little of both because I’m human. Instead of talking about the good old days— the happy hours, year-end bonuses, and complimentary lattes, I know in my heart the years following my career in print and advertising truly are my glory days.

His glory. My story.

Credit for that line goes to my dear friends, Pastor Justin and Laurie (his chocoholic, spider-fearing, Godly wife), with love and appreciation for leading with grace and tenderness.


How do you feel after reading this post?

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