It Takes a Village

My daughter and I were very close. We had a healthy balance of closeness while maintaining parental reverence. We didn’t need a book of rules while she was growing up. There was constant communication and consistent boundaries. I didn’t realize how important that was until she started dating a couple years ago. Granted, raising boys […]

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Culture Shocks

I’m not sure I can put into words what God is doing within our family. He continues to offer insight to each of the beautiful minds He has entrusted to us. I’m fairly certain this will all be a marvelous story. It isn’t void of uncertain plots. This is what will keep me focused on […]

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Online Therapy

One might assume the title impliesĀ online shopping therapy. It does not. I do not like to shop. In fact, shopping usually has the opposite effect on me. This might be attributing to my holiday funk– the focus on holiday shopping and post-holiday sales. There is more to my mood and I’m just going to write […]

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A fostering heart. These two words define a person who will willingly love someone without consideration for what they will get back in return. The idea of fostering is often associated with children suffering from abuse or neglect. The ideal foster parent is willing to love on the children that come into their life without […]

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