Online Therapy

One might assume the title implies online shopping therapy. It does not. I do not like to shop. In fact, shopping usually has the opposite effect on me. This might be attributing to my holiday funk– the focus on holiday shopping and post-holiday sales. There is more to my mood and I’m just going to write […]

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Return to Sender

This blog post comes to you from somewhere between a rock and a really, really hard place. The time is the eleventh hour for the USPS Christmas card mailing deadline. Last night, our family worked together to make our cards to mail. Today we were going to take a picture of the girls for the […]

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Children From Anotha Mutha

This weekend we celebrated Christmas with our Royal Family. Children who are, or who once were, part of the foster care system. You may have read in previous posts, I have a heart for kids living challenging lives with little hope or support. [Fostering Heart] [Summer Camp] It had been on my heart to foster for […]

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Helicoptering in a Drone Society

Ha! See what I did there? Drones are defined as unmanned aerial vehicles. As I thought about a title for an article on parenting, the correlation of helicopters and drones came to mind. Ironic, to me, that many parents today are not truly manning their parental aircraft and are likely the ones to label more involved parents as ‘helicopter parents.’ […]

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But Joy Comes in the Morning

We are near the equator where day and night are given equal time. I awoke around 6 o’clock the first day, just after the sun rose. The next day, I rose a little earlier but still missed the sun rising. The next day, clouds covered the horizon. This morning I was glad to wake at […]

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Empathy Can Only Go So Far

I’m writing from Belize. I have been fighting the urge to write for over a week. So much was churning and whirling in my mind as I prepared for this mission trip. But I had to stay focused on preparation of the messages I will deliver to the women of Belize who God has sent […]

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