The Son is Still Shining

Today’s random thoughts from my vantage…

Without tracking the news, I hear a lot happening around me that correlates to the solar eclipse. When  darkness covers the light, what happens? The sun still exists, even though it is blocked. The moon is blocking the sun but cannot remove its existence. The unusual darkness is a temptation to stare at the effect without realizing the long-term damage. Do you see the correlation?

So much darkness available for us to gaze upon but do we know the long term damage? Can we still see the light shining through?

The sun is about 400 times larger than the moon but the moon is closer to earth. We are so much closer to the darkness in our world that it’s blocking the light that is far bigger. 

Truly, events like the eclipse frenzy bring me to this thought– if Jesus were coming, would we cross the country? Would we even cross the street? Would we bother to stop and take a look?

Would we research? Warn our friends? Fact check? Set aside time to gaze on the splendor?

He will return in the blink of an eye… faster than 2.5 minutes. 
Returning once in our lifetime…. one shot. 

Watching the frenzy, I’m reminded why He opted for a humble birth. 

Like those fake eclipse goggles, there are many misrepresentations that have spoofed good people. Damage done. 

So I’ve been wondering, in the remote parts of the world where there isn’t media coverage, do they know not to look at a solar eclipse? What about those people?

A rather obscure musing. I hope you get my point from this short post. Lots of thoughts are churning in my noggin. Type to you later. 

How do you feel after reading this post?

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