Be still and wait. Okay. 

 Thank you for friends praying for my wrist injured at the beginning of March. After waiting a month for the bruising to fade and the ligaments to  mend, I still had pain. I prayed constantly and had warriors praying as well. I even had a friend advising to get an X-ray. I asked her to pray for God to make that appointment if it was needed. I don’t have coverage that would help pay so I called for an estimate and the best place to go. So many prayers were answered through this situation. I was confident He wanted me to wait it out and keep my faith.

I waited another week but had more pain after overdoing it one day. Friends prayed with me before I stopped for the X-ray. If there was bad news, I had no clue how to pay for corrective surgery. I was ready to hear either it was fractured or not. I prayed that if it was permanently damaged, the situation would still give Him glory.

The X-ray showed my wrist had fractured. I got a call for the referral and visited the orthopedic doctor this morning. Here’s the miracle– if I had gone to the doctor at the beginning of March, he would have performed surgery and put my wrist in a cast. However, the fracture shows no sign of setting poorly. He sent me out with a proper wrist brace and will X-ray again in about a month. I should regain some strength around that time. Prayers continue for healing to come naturally with no permanent damage. Oh, the other great news– the arthritis that started to show in my right hand years ago does not appear in any of my joints in my left hand. I’m so grateful for this great news and assurance to keep the faith.

Furthermore, I read my devotional based around 2 Chronicles 16:2 after arriving at the office. Asa, the king of Judah didn’t rely of his faith at the end of his days. I knew I had to keep my faith rather than freaking out or fearing. He is careful with details and this very particular reference assured me.

Pray for better options for our healthcare. We are blessed in America but things are surely misaligned. Still, I trust.

How do you feel after reading this post?

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