Ignorance Is Bliss?


Less than a month before my latest journey, I dropped my Smartphone. It didn’t have a case. It’s pretty ignorant to believe my glass screen was impervious. Truth be known, I haven’t been able to squeeze the cost of a rugged case into my budget so I was exercised caution with the phone. Sometimes a case allows carelessness. Sometimes our salvation allows recklessness. Read on…

Ironically, the cost of the case is about the same as the cost of a decent replacement DYI glass. The cracks are annoying but the phone is still functional. The camera lens looking outward was not affected but the inward-facing camera has a crack running right through the lens. Capturing a true ‘selfie’ is no longer possible.

My travels on this excursion took me to some of the most breathtaking mountain ranges on the planet. This could be my only visit to this land so capturing memories should have been a priority. I was -THIS CLOSE- to ordering the new glass when I felt convicted. This trip wasn’t about me. As with many short-term mission trips, this trip needed to be all for Him. Each experience has helped me strip away my pride. He has accomplished a lot- I was raised to have pride. It wasn’t meant to be a catapult to judge others but an incentive to always do my best. The problem was, the result was judgement.

In the same efforts to prove I am open-minded, I often reveal truths of my heart that are tainted by my personal experience. My background has molded me to the world around me. This is why it is crucial for everyone to step outside the boundaries of what we feel is comfortable to see just how ignorant we might be. This includes those who call themselves open-minded. As we are seeing in our polarized world, judgements are shoved back and forth like a perpetual game of foosball. We are all foolish. We are all human. No one can truly be open-minded to all. That would make them omniscient. No human can claim this ability.

Enough about mankind. Let’s get back to me and my narcissistic thoughts.

I decided to head out to the great wide open with my cracked glass. Each time I was tempted to shoot a selfie, I had to decide if it was for me to capture a special moment as a personal reminder or if it was so I could share the moment beyond words. Even if it was mostly intended to bear witness to all that God was doing in the foothills of the Himalayas, if there was an ounce of me in the thought, it was exhibiting pride if I wasn’t ready to give God all of the Glory He deserves.

All of it.

Until the day I leave this body, I will stumble. That is a modern day word for sin. We like to sidestep the truth. A sugar-coating helps the medicine go down. It also makes the truth less effective. You might know me in real life and know for a fact I have shown evidence of my pride in an unflattering way for many years. You may know the present me that has come far from the prideful, hostile person I once was. By the standards of this world, I could settle for who I am now and coast through the back half of life. Many of us have settled for this standard and are coasting. Many of us modify the standard by flocking with birds of similar feathers. What we are missing is the slow deterioration of our standards. Our definition of perfection is connected to things around this vast world. Everything that is of this world is susceptible to failure. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. As soon as our gods fail, we deny them and move on to another. As I prepared to meet the people rooted in religions that are known to worship other gods, the more I realized our nation founded on Christian values probably has more than the 330,000,000 gods estimated in the Hindu religion. In reality, the number goes on into infinity. No human can count the gods of this world because a true census is impossible.

Are you seeing my perspective?

This Random Musing is not as random as you might think. People from all walks of life will read these words. Even if a person claims to be agnostic or an atheist, their actions in day to day life will likely reflect a higher regard for oneself at least once a day, if not several. At the moment a human being puts himself in front of another human being or life of any kind, they are essentially raising themselves into a dominant position. If you feel this is a stretch, consider every action of your every day life. How often do you need to put yourself before another, even in the most basic routine? Even once and you have dispelled your own belief that there isn’t a life less regarded than your own. If you were able to record your every move throughout the day, and sense the emotion of every life you have interacted with, certainly you would grasp this illustration.

Did I trek the mountains with ignorance and a feeling of superiority? Did I force my beliefs on a peaceful nation? Although this is the common assumption, I did not. I will continue to publish my thoughts in the coming days and weeks– years perhaps. As with all of our journeys afar and experiences in the day to day, we should lay our head on our pillow each night a different person than we awoke that morning. If we aren’t, I hope these reflections from my heart will inspire you to seek inspiration throughout the day. As you might come to realize, the belief in a superior being is pivotal for inner peace. The belief in One True God is essential.

I carefully selected the word pivotal and I was certain to follow that with the bold sentence that I did. My writing is not intended to glorify me. I have made this mistake repeatedly. I want my words to assist others to verbalize emotions so they can heal. If I build a platform of followers and my Random Musings merely offer a source of commiseration without inspiring the reader to seek healing or Truth, I have narcissistically captured the glory for my own purpose. Commiseration justifies ones position in the world. The internet expanded our reach to find likeminded friends thus keeping us in the comfort of our woes. Yes, we are finding comfort in our woes because we have trained our minds to cope within the boundaries established by our human ability to overcome. Often we are soothing ourselves with common addictions such as drugs, alcohol, sex, and other recognized perils. The danger is the unspoken compulsions and gluttonous actions that capture our time. It is a worldwide web that truly has become a tangled web, entrapping us in places of weakness as well as false empowerment. Those who speak boldly to a captive audience likely have the largest collection of insecurities. Eventually, we are led to a place of isolation where the person we had the potential to become is hardly visible. This is this essential reason we must have a God that is brings us back to truth. There are many false teachings our world has chosen to accept as truth. To be honest with you, every person reading these words has settled on a false teaching as some point. This is the truth.

Our ability to read has been shortened to around 750 words. I am currently at 1,204. 1,205. 1,206… I could go on and on. It’s time for me to rest my jet-lagged mind to reestablish my human body into life in the western hemisphere. In the coming days, I hope to offer more reflections that will offer insight to this journey of faith where God has the ability to multiply a week into eternity; where casual and unlikely appointments bond souls forever.


How do you feel after reading this post?

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