The Climb

We made our way up one of the largest rocks in the world yesterday. But truly, we only made it half-way. To get to the top we would have needed climbing gear and a guide. Our desire was there but my daughter and I decided before our trip the risk was greater than our need to go beyond the plateau achieveable on foot. 

We had barely started our climb when my body reminded me I had neglected it for many years. My lungs reminded me of the altitude. The devil tried to convince me I was a fool to sign on for the next short-term trip to a mountainous destination. Like Job, God allows this so we can appreciate His voice when He speaks. [?] It affirms our faith in Him rather than our own ability– inability — to discern and rationalize without God in the mix. 

The first part of the trek in all legs and lungs. A rocky stairway to progress up the foot of this massive rock. The later part of the climb requires your entire body. Using both your arms and legs to scale the rock. I found this easier than nature’s “stair master” and instantly realized the metaphor of the Church Body. It is more treacherous but easier to ascend using every part of your mind and body. To think through and execute each foothold and crevasse, one movement at a time. Looking ahead yet feeling secure with each step before you attempt the next move. 

The view at each resting place was magnificent! As we ascended, we saw more between us and the horizon from a perspective only attained by leaving ground level. The view was encouragement to press on. 

My daughter had made this climb last year and leaped up the mountain like a billy goat. I didn’t ask her to wait for me. Our team spaced itself naturally based upon our individual ability, yet keeping together in small groups. 

Eventually, all but one of us made it to the plateau. The one who did not get to the plateau was grateful to have made it to the beautiful resting place he was able to. 

There are so many metaphors in this journey… I’ll let you glean what you can. 

I’m glad I did not stop at the midpoint. I would have never seen the magnificent view both my daughter and my Creator wanted me to see. And I would have allowed myself to settle into a mindset that I was too far gone physically to finish the task before me. 

What is keeping you from pressing on today?

How do you feel after reading this post?

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