Better or Bitter

How you react to what life brings on is more important than what happens. Right?

I’ve had about a week to reflect on the premature end of life with our student from Japan. She moved on to her third host family. Ideally, you only have one American family.

I have been quiet for months as I dealt with mothering one who only wanted love, not discipline. There are mysteries that may never be revealed about this time until I meet my maker. Our family may have been used for temporal things but we are certain to have been used by God. Perhaps not so much for change as much as a new awareness.

I won’t offer details on the Word Press altar today. Certainly I can jade a story to my favor with clever wordsmithing. But who would benefit? Life shouldn’t be about entertainment but experience. Hosting a foreign student was not an experience we sought out, it practically came knocking at our door.

I thought I was open-minded.

I thought I was flexible.

I thought I could be an example of Christ.

I may never know if I had a positive impact or if my motherly discipline will one day be welcome. When life returns to what was her normal, will she wish for someone to care where she is, who she is with, or what she is wearing?

I’m still reflecting on this last season. It changed our family forever. It changed us for better.

Naturally there are things in our personalities that irritate one another. Through this season, we learned our quirky family of three was pretty solid on a foundation of love and respect for one another. We haven’t always been the best communicators but we have learned how precious forgiveness is. I have also learned much about myself. Each day I need less of me and more of Him to show through.

Was this time just a battle of wills?

Will we all be better rather than bitter? I hope so…

I can travel around the world to show strangers the love of Christ. Humbly, I realize this experience came to us to teach us a lot in a short period of time.

I have also come to appreciate the sanctuary of my home. Maybe I won’t be so quick to liquidate our material assets to conquer the world… I may need respite now and then.

How do you feel after reading this post?

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