Courage. Truth. Honesty. 


The day I saw this quote for the first time it was on the tote bag of one of my daughters friends at school. A few days later, I met her for the first time. A month later, she became my daughter. 

How small the world becomes, and yet, how distant it can be… all at the same time. 

I haven’t been writing lately. It’s not that I haven’t anything to say, it’s good to listen and observe more than speak. Yet we expend more than we absorb, it seems. 

I’m learning more about love, life, truth, and consequences. About letting go and holding on… when it feels natural to do one thing it’s probably best to consider something that doesn’t come naturally. Try something different and see if a new result will take shape. 

I’m learning now, more than ever, prayer is the quickest route to peace, especially when you cannot discern truth. Knowing the truth doesn’t always make discerning right and wrong obvious. 

More than ever, I’m also learning truth doesn’t make life more palatable. Truth is often a complex weave of many things, too complex for our human minds to comprehend. Very often I’ve found my mind settling on that famous quote from “A Few Good Men”…

“Truth? You can’t handle the truth!”

The deeper I get to know people…

The deeper I come to know God…

The more I appreciate His omnipotence.

To keep this perspective is to know a peace that surpasses all human comprehension…when you realize the complexity of the world… the universe… nothing is left to happenstance. 

Yes, I am frustrated and content… still. I likely will be until the day I pass on to the other side of life. Frustration is what motivates my compassion… my desire to love without always knowing the truth about people; about specific situations. 

I’m learning truth and honesty aren’t necessarily the same thing. I value the later more with each passing day and thank God He always knows the best in everyone. 

No one will ever be as wise as our creator. His desire is for us to love like He does, not to know all He knows. But many fail to realize this because we desire knowledge first, before we can have faith. What would be undiscovered in this universe if…


Maybe the truth is, we need to be more honest? We might discover a great deal about ourselves. 


How do you feel after reading this post?

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