Returning to a family

Tonight my daughters sat on the bedroom floor having a heart to heart. They came together on their own accord so it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. This image is an answer to a prayer I stopped praying years ago. Through this one unexpected addition to our family, our house is becoming a home again.

God is breaking ground on many other prayers as well. Some prayers have been our constant companions, such as healing our broken marriage. Others had been forgotten. I lost hope these dreams could ever become a reality so I buried them deep in my heart, swallowing them like a bitter pill. I buried my dreams but didn’t forget the desires of my heart. The bitterness I swallowed manifested in my outward behavior for years.

We now have two daughters in our home for a few more months. It is a short season so I cherish each day, striving to make each one special. My heart sings with gladness! These months were imagined far differently with our only child preparing to leave this nest. As I saw the girls sharing a special moment tonight, I was reminded of my prayers for just one more successful pregnancy. Those unfulfilled prayers transformed to prayers David would warm up to the idea of adopting. Financial woes transformed that prayer to my idea to foster and that prayer was fulfilled in a totally different way. Recently have I grown to appreciate those unmet petitions. My daughter’s repetitious bedtime prayer for God to “bring her a little sister or brother” came to fruition in a lovely way. I outlined my prayers so you could see my heart to understand the bitterness that appears in previous Random Musings. Through these experiences, I am learning HOW to pray.

I came to the kitchen tonight with the beautiful image of my daughters sitting together connected by heartstrings. This picture will forever be engrained on my mind and tucked in my heart for warmth. At that moment, right in my kitchen, I realized the 2000-word blog post revealing my new job would remain as a draft. What I came to realize tonight is that I am not starting a new job on Monday, I am returning home to a family. My new job is a huge answer prayer. Like a snowball, this is a bunch of small prayers rolled together in one amazing package. God amazes me when He multitasks to honor heartfelt prayers.

Like the prodigal son, there is no reason this company should be welcoming me back with open arms, but they are. Both owners, a husband and wife, are God-honoring people. They opened up their arms to welcome me to their new office. And my former design sister welcomed me with open arms as well. She had once left the company too, but returned to the new company in a different role. We were design sisters, fraternal twins… she was the graphic designer for the parent company and I was the graphic designer for their adopted child, the menu company. Over two decades later, in this new company, we will work together for one common goal… using the talents God has gifted us to glorify Him.

I’ll write more about this new adventure down the road. I am excited God has taken a little something from each of the jobs I held over the years to be refined into a hybrid role that is an answer to prayer. He molded and shaped me as a person who is His servant rather than an employee. He allowed me to collect the delights of my heart over the years through many wonderful jobs. Work can be stressful (some days more than others), but it was always a joy for me. The more joy I found, the more blessings He gave to me. I won’t flower this message with details now. In due time, they will pepper themselves throughout my writing. I pray the Random Musings of this Visual Learner will continue to encourage and inspire the readers that come my way; I hope my words are salt and light in this darkening world.

My old, new boss didn’t come running through a field of daisies to meet me. The story of our reunion is an intricately orchestrated work of art. I’ll share the story in due time. I’m grateful for the lessons of this week… to learn new disciplines through a special group of Godly people He brought by His appointment; not my own agenda. I feared stepping outside the sanctuary of my home to reenter the workplace. How could I live a life fully surrendered to His plan and purpose with all the negative influences that might cause me to stumble as I walk?

He has it all worked out and has equipped me for this next season. He can only show me my next step because, how I respond not react will determine my next step. How I walk, step by step, will determine the path that I will take toward His destination.

The problem has been me. I was looking too far ahead.

In the cold of winter I often think about summer. By looking too far ahead, I miss the gift of spring. Yet each day of spring is a delight with growth emerging from dead places, birds returning to sing, and so many wonderful reminders that He has orchestrated an amazing ecosystem for us to enjoy. I often look beyond where my Creator has placed me, eagerly chasing after things far into my future. I have enjoyed each of my seasons but realize now, I had my priorities out of alignment and I upset my world; one with me as the center my universe. It’s a revolution that led to this revelation. We’ll talk more about this later.

I’m glad I didn’t burn this bridge years ago and grateful they didn’t set it aflame either, they should have. They say it’s a small world and you shouldn’t burn bridges. I have held grudges that caused damage but also maintained some valuable bridges. I am blessed to have friends who were once colleagues and a trusted network of relationships.

I’m grateful I didn’t post the lengthy message titled, “Hell Freezes Over” because someone might have missed the important testimony in my job announcement…

It’s hard to see the forest for the trees. An expression used of someone who is too involved in the details of problem to look at the situation as a whole. But God can. This was my problem; I wanted control over every aspect of my life. But God has taken the forest I have planted and is turning it into a beautiful woodland. He is pruning and thinning so it can flourish. He is replanting new growth and transplanting things that can now grow in His forest; in His plan for my life.

My new boss said, “It’s so nice to have a sister in Christ here.”
She and her husband call the new organization a family…

I trust our relationship will make God smile. I bet He felt the same way I did when I saw my daughters sharing a heart to heart tonight. No, I bet He feels more because…

Our God is bigger. Our God is stronger. He truly is higher that ANY other!

I left the old company and my title, Graphic Artist, behind me. I never held that job title again. Over the years God has molded and shaped me to represent Him so I could become a better representation of His Son, my mentor. He placed His spirit within me when I invited Him to stay in my heart; not to come for a visit, but to STAY. He wasn’t able to do His work until He was certain I was prepared to accept His mission. I do… 100%. I will stay focused on this call until I am fully vested to retire TO Him. Amen!

“Now all of us, with our faces unveiled, reflect the glory of the Lord as if we are mirrors; and so we are being transformed, metamorphosed, into His same image
from one radiance of glory to another, just as the Spirit of the Lord accomplishes it.”
2 Corinthians 3:18