My post, “Death, Where Is Your Sting” has prompted much attention. I covered my past in a previous post that I’ll reblog now. Today is Epiphany on the Christian calendar. I have had several and many more musings are swirling in my mind. The next will be a bit more light-hearted. Stay tuned…
With much love,

Random Musings of an Introverted Visual Learner

Broken Promises.
Broken Hearts.
Broken Lives.
Broken Spirits.
Broken Down.

As I begin to write today, my mind is spinning with a dozen ideals of where to go next. I know I will continue the Purity series just a little while longer. Although I could trail off to discuss marriage and our experience resurrecting our near miss with divorce, I believe this is an entirely different series. Because my husband and I have taken a road less traveled with our relationship, I know for a fact there is an immediate need to encourage couples in the same boat.

For today I want to speak to the heart of the person who can relate to having their innocence taken and the person who gave away their purity because they didn’t know how precious it was.

Life isn’t hopeless.
You are not helpless.
God can take broken pieces and make them beautiful!

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