Culture Shocks

I’m not sure I can put into words what God is doing within our family. He continues to offer insight to each of the beautiful minds He has entrusted to us. I’m fairly certain this will all be a marvelous story. It isn’t void of uncertain plots. This is what will keep me focused on simplicity and in the Word for discernment.

I had to cope with my own anxiety yesterday in the midst of my extended family Christmas. When I was a child, I crawled under my bed to get away from the clamour of voices and teasing. Our gathering was smaller yet quite compact. There was no bed to hide under. I just sat with my husband when I needed to restore my energy. Extroverts never get that.

I’m grateful for these days together with my kids. They aren’t always perfect but today was pretty close. I got to watch each member of my family in their element at some part of the day. Life is good in that regard.

I watched each of them as we rang in the new year and saw things in their eyes they all want to leave behind. My husband did a fantastic job, once again, setting up a sweet and special festive scene in our home. I think we were all grateful to have joy and reasons to celebrate together. How we’ve come together as a family is unusual but I’ve come to appreciate the unconventional treatment we’ve received from our Maker. Just like David, He has a unique gift at putting together a meaningful experience.

I have a feeling we are in this together for a special reason. Perhaps learning to overcome adversities without proper apologies has prepared me for some heart-to-heart talks in the coming weeks and years. Whatever His plan, I’m grateful to be used in any way He sees fit. And I’m grateful He has a repurpose for the BS that came my way. I trust together we can all become useful vessels for His glory. That would certainly be a happy ending.

How do you feel after reading this post?

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