Dare NOT to compare

 Comparisons stand out as the thing with cross-culture life that is wearing on me. It seemed to be prevalent whether I was traveling on a mission trip, mentoring a lad from the inner city, getting to know my host daughter, trying to understand my daughters MK beau (MK: missionary kid), relating to my husband, my sisters, my […]

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Online Therapy

One might assume the title implies online shopping therapy. It does not. I do not like to shop. In fact, shopping usually has the opposite effect on me. This might be attributing to my holiday funk– the focus on holiday shopping and post-holiday sales. There is more to my mood and I’m just going to write […]

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I’ve indulged in sleep more over the holidays. I’ve been fighting a bug that has affected my breathing. Less breath, less oxygen, less energy. I’ve also been less interested in the holidays for a wide array of reasons, mostly healthy rather than cynical. Sleep fascinates me. It amazes me that one-third of our day is […]

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Christmas Defines Love

A Love Letter [PDF format] Love is… I spent the majority of my life searching for love. Like so many, I looked for love in the wrong places, the wrong people, and the wrong type of love. My father left the earth when I was just nine years old. He spent the last year of […]

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From our 2014 Thanksgiving letter: If I write about all that happened in the past year, I could fill far more than a page. Even if I stay on the specific topic God placed on my heart for reflection this past year, I could fill volumes! It amazed me how deep and intricately God intertwined “humble” […]

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Returned to My Sender

A continuation of, “Return to Sender” This years holiday letter became more complex than I expected. We are a family. We love each other. How hard can it be to write about how much we loved each other in 2015, right? The complexity arose because it is always me writing the letter. My husband and daughter proofread […]

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Return to Sender

This blog post comes to you from somewhere between a rock and a really, really hard place. The time is the eleventh hour for the USPS Christmas card mailing deadline. Last night, our family worked together to make our cards to mail. Today we were going to take a picture of the girls for the […]

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