What’s in it for me?

My post today suggested I also read another post I had written before the Rwanda trip. I had forgotten about this experience. This emotion. The blog is helping me remember where I’ve traveled with Random Musings.

Random Musings of an Introverted Visual Learner

“I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

This note in a Christmas card was written in regard to my upcoming mission trip to Rwanda. The comment itself is well-meaning and I didn’t take offense to it. However, it’s been sitting funny on my conscience since I read it. It’s simply an uncomfortable feeling… like when you put your underwear on backward… you know what I mean?

It’s not about me.

I am quite excited to have the opportunity to go because it has been on my heart for several years. Each time a new team was heading out, I wondered when I might go. I also wondered what I was doing that wasn’t pleasing God– Why wasn’t I going yet?

I believe a true spiritual calling is planted in ones heart but it isn’t something one should facilitate by their own ability. You should be in tune with the holy spirit…

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