Glory Days

There are things that happened in Belize that I cannot recall but I know they were great works of the Spirit. My inability to recall and retell isn’t because God doesn’t want me/us to share our witness of faith. By losing sight of the details, it is His astute way of making sure we/I do not take any glory for my own. The glory in anything here or there needs to be directed to God alone. We want to stay on the mountaintop– the view is grand from Gods perspective. But He needs us to traverse down the other side, back into the next valley to find more lost souls. To appreciate His brightness in contrast to the dark of the valley of this world. We cannot backslide down from the mountains we assent. The view going backward isn’t the same– we must be courageous enough to journey forward.
I know friends might like to see pictures of me with the people that impacted my life. I have avoided posting these classic selfie photos of myself, convicted of the narcissistic sin of pride that might creep in by doing so. Even a little sin is still sin. Vision 365 is a nobel and worthy effort. I am so grateful to be a small part of it as a vessel; as hands, feet, and voice. But when I travel to bring the Good news of salvation through Christ alone, I become ineffective when I make it about me, take any glory from God, or bring tangible gifts other that God’s Word. Yes, they need things to help with their daily struggles. But dropping in for a visit like Santa takes the focus off the gospel. It is a sure way to see the sin of greed overcome beautiful children of God.
Yes, we cannot blame them for their desires. Look at America– at mankind since the beginning. There is a correct way to bless people with tangibles without taking the focus off God. The missionaries on the ground, living among the people, know how to discern. Even so, there is evidence they too are sought as providers of [fill in the blank] rather than seeing the blessing from God. Balancing this is a fine line. It so easy to slip into a feel-good ministry. But God alone needs to be glorified.
Oswald Chambers writes about this today. When you ask God to use you, be ready to step aside and truly give Him the wheel. It is still true that we can do all things THROUGH Christ who gives us strength. It’s the things we do beyond His grace that cause us the become weary and stumble. He can multiply our days– one of His is 1,000 of ours.
I talk about my struggles as a witness. But I need to enter seasons of quiet stillness as well so I can hear the still, quiet voice prompting me through each day. I struggle to know when I’ve witnessed enough but press on hoping to shed new light and to encourage others to move or go when prompted.

Utmost For His Highest, November 10

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