Why The Rush?

My trip to Belize heightened my sense of urgency to the collapse of the world. End times? I don’t know. No one knows the exact hour. The collapse of societies worldwide is only weakening our foundation. I wrote about this last week.

My reading this morning took me to Luke. I regret I have to start my day and cannot stay here to read more. I’ll let this digest. It is so meaty, I had to share.

Luke 12

Just click on the link above to take you there. You can modify the concordance to another version, if you prefer. Same message, different language.

After you read this, whenever you feel compelled to rush off or hurry someone else along for this or that, I pray your thought reflect back to these parables. I hope you can see the point He is trying to make.

I hope you can see how much we rush through our days for trivial things, not knowing when our end will come. Yet we lack a sense of urgency for spiritual matters.

No time for church?

No time for devotions?

No time for a small group or bible study?

Getting to church on random occasions only to check your watch with anticipation of when it will end, totally missing the message?

Keep your eyes on the prize.


How do you feel after reading this post?

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