Live Like You’re Dying

Tim McGraw is singing a classic country ballad in the background. In front of me is a starry sky over a sandy beach, and the sound of the sea. We are in Placencia for our last night before flying back to the States.

It’s a night for couples to share intimacy and those of us traveling alone to sit awkwardly outside the hotel bar for a wifi connection. Just kidding. Sort of. Sitting on the beach alone is better than the hotel room and it’s the beach. I live in Wisconsin. Duh!

ReEntry is interesting this time. In Africa I had the urban life of Kigali to remind me of mankind away from the Holy Spirit. This time we were in a remote part of Central America without television and pop culture. The team was comprised of many team members from small towns. We noticed the similarity as we went around the room to introduce ourselves at our first meeting. We wondered how that detail would come into play. It did. I don’t know if I can speak for everyone but it was a place I could settle into. Driving on the roads often reminded me of life in the northwoods of Wisconsin– especially at night when all you could see were your headlights and the road in front of you. God has no coinsidences. Details are carefully planned.

As Tim McGraw sings the familiar ballad, I recognize in myself that I am living like I’m dying because I will. It’s inevitable.

I’m a Christian.

I believe in eternal life.

What is there to be afraid of? Say your salvation prayer a coast on through the pearly gates when Jesus calls you home… Right?

Not exactly.

He has given me a passion to bring as many  people with me to the other side of life. To not share the gospel would be like eating a plate full of chocolate chip cookies in front of people without sharing. It is selfish.

I hope and pray I can take my bold evangelism back to America. I know God goes with me to give me strength. The Holy Spirit resides in me to prompt me to act upon God-appointed encounters. Jesus is my example, should my invitation to share my yummy cookies be declined. If He could endure the ultimate rejection, I will have to learn to appreciate His gift of free will when someone says no.

My friends have started seeing me live life to the fullest. I’m living like I am dying…

Dying to selfish ways.

Dying to share the Good News.

Time on the other side of life is eternal. It stands still compared to life on this planet. Time keeps ticking but it is racing from my vantage point– looking through His  eyes. I see into strangers eyes and see what He sees. I see His children everywhere. Everywhere. Just as you would be broken-hearted to lose a friend who doesn’t know the One True God, God mourns lost sheep. Lost children. Lost souls.

Before I left for this trip, I was reminded of Jesus telling His Disciples to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. They did and indeed harvested more fish than their nets could hold.

The fishing is ok in America but they have stopped biting– ignoring the bait. It’s a long, hard day to keep casting the line without a bite. Since my days are numbered, I’m going to keep casting my net to the other side. I’ll have to be still and wait in the time where my net is cast on American soil. But if we only have a few days left to fish, I want to better my average for Christ. We are all precious in His sight. There is no American advantage, no race bias, no gender superiority. A soul is a soul. Odds are greater in foreign lands– I’d bet my life on it.

I hope one day you get the chance, to live like you are dying.

How do you feel after reading this post?

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