Empathy Can Only Go So Far

I’m writing from Belize. I have been fighting the urge to write for over a week. So much was churning and whirling in my mind as I prepared for this mission trip. But I had to stay focused on preparation of the messages I will deliver to the women of Belize who God has sent me to meet. The struggle was real. Obedience was strengthening.

I have had a few interactions with people and have been blessed to work with children too. I was here two days before hearing my first testimony from a Belizian sister in Christ. I praise God for giving me time to acclimate and absorb before today. His spirit was overflowing in our time together.

I have been reminded that we need to be stretching ourselves to the extent only faith can fill the gap between where we are and where He needs us to grow. Preparation and flexibility are necessary in the mission field. Agendas and expectations can ruin even a veteran Christ-follower.

My daughter shared some heart-breaking news with me just a few hours ago. She has held the sadness on her own since the night before I left, not wanting to burden my mind while I am here. How brave of her to keep her chin up. I’m grateful we are separated for such a time as this. It allows her to lean into her faith rather than her momma. As much as a girl needs a mom to brush her hair away from her teary face, she needs Jesus all the more.

I prayed with women who shared their heartaches and struggles with me. As with all the things God has revealed in recent months– with His eyes and heart– I must be acutely aware I cannot fix anything with my words or my actions. I must have strong faith to be able to lift these heavy burdens over my head and sacrificially up to God.

If I am to run the race before me, a race He has put me on course to complete, I cannot try to carry all of the burdens I am called to hear. I have to simply come along side my sisters and steady them long enough to see Christ living in me.

I can’t be their savior.

Only One is worthy of that job. The rest of us are merely vessels used to bring words of encouragement to bring them further along I their journey to see Christ waiting at the finish line. To restore and renew their faith or bring them to a faith and peace they have never known.

I can be like Jesus but I cannot be their salvation.

I can be her momma, but eventually she needs to prepare to run her own course God has ready and waiting for her.



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