Helicoptering in a Drone Society

Ha! See what I did there? Drones are defined as unmanned aerial vehicles. As I thought about a title for an article on parenting, the correlation of helicopters and drones came to mind. Ironic, to me, that many parents today are not truly manning their parental aircraft and are likely the ones to label more involved parents as ‘helicopter parents.’ […]

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Holiday Obligations

Whoosh! That was the sound of November rushing by adorned by crisp autumn leaves. In case you didn’t realize this, tomorrow is the last day of November. For me, it became a month of continual change in the direction of the wind. If I were floating in a sailboat, I would have made several circles on the lake. I have […]

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Glory Days

There are things that happened in Belize that I cannot recall but I know they were great works of the Spirit. My inability to recall and retell isn’t because God doesn’t want me/us to share our witness of faith. By losing sight of the details, it is His astute way of making sure we/I do […]

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[stuck] Here in America

I stumbled on this recording in my studio, quite randomly today. It is worth a few minutes to listen to. If you want to know what my heart is saying… why I cannot ignore the call to return to the Toledo District of Belize soon… to Rwanda one day… The irony to this prophetic work […]

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Why The Rush?

My trip to Belize heightened my sense of urgency to the collapse of the world. End times? I don’t know. No one knows the exact hour. The collapse of societies worldwide is only weakening our foundation. I wrote about this last week. My reading this morning took me to Luke. I regret I have to […]

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