Patience Is A Virtue

Yesterday morning I waited for my bank to open to get a new debit card. I noticed a fraudulent charge while balancing my account after work and immediately shut the card down. It nice that there are bankers waiting to talk to me in the middle of the night when my waitressing gig ends. Like […]

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Til death do us part

Tomorrow will be our 23rd wedding anniversary. When we fell in love and planned our wedding, I don’t think I envisioned what life would be like with 23 years under our belts (21 if we’re discounting the dysfunctional years).  As a young bride, I was caught up in the details of the wedding day. What […]

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Money. It’s a drag. 

My daughter knows we only have about an hour in the mall before anxiety sets in. I think it is the white noise that slowly erodes my nerves or the smell of the food court. My reality though is that it’s like an alcoholic walking into a tavern. I’ve seen the dark side of retail […]

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The Perfect House Wife

Not exactly. Notice the title is not, “The Perfect Housewife”? There is space between “house” and “wife”. That’s because my downfall was not that I was a goddess divine at home but that I was in a constant struggle to have the perfect house that I could not rest and enjoy life at home. Last […]

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Entertaining Angels

This evening ended up being incredibly blessed by randomness. A stand out… Meeting an artist tonight who I passed on the street earlier today who said, “I remember you! You smiled at me today.” We were truly strangers passing on the street earlier in the day. But there was a man who approached us while […]

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