50 Shades of Dave???

Why did I title the last blog post ’50 Shades of Dave’? As I was three-quarters of the way through writing, I realized what a diverse character he is. I could have kept writing for hours with 50 reasons why I admire and love him. Yet, although he is a colorful guy, he has a […]

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50 Shades of Dave

Last night we had a few friends and family members over for a celebration of my husband’s 65th birthday. Every year we should celebrate life without feeling time is slip sliding away. It is especially momentous to celebrate the birthdays that mark a milestone. Age 65 is quite significant; especially if one plans to retire […]

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Prayer Anywhere 

Today is “See You At The Pole” day. My daughter is in her final year of public high school. Prior to open-enrolling in an inner city school, she attended a private Christian school as well as a Christian daycare near our home. We taught our faith at home but also wanted the same principles throughout […]

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Ode to Moses

Moses is my former car. Former as of today. When reaching a certain age, my sister said a car needs a name. Our last vehicle was the mini van we inherited from David’s father. “Hannah” the Montana mini-vannah drove over 200k before she was totaled. She was still drivable when she was deemed unworthy to […]

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It is going to take several blog posts for me to write all that is on my heart about married life. It is going to take time to lay the groundwork to be a credible writer. There will be be some transparent realities– my shortcomings, failures, and sins, as well as transparent emotions. It is […]

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