The Desert

I was laying in bed, unable to sleep. Today was filled with so many blessings, I couldn’t sleep thinking about how awesome it has been. The details of today astound me! How can it be that so many simple details can connect in such a way that I can see the orchestration– how very connected each thing is to the other.

It was a day when the Spirit was fine tuned and I picked up every channel that was broadcast. The morning seemed like last week and the afternoon seemed like it was yesterday. How could today be so full?

When I was a kid, we only had a few channels on our [black and white] television. If we wanted to watch Gilligan’s Island at 4pm, one of us would have to go outside to turn the antennae toward Rhinelander to pick up the program that wasn’t coming in from Green Bay. Sometimes we were so desperate to watch, we would put on snow boots and walk through thigh-high drifts to get to the antennae. Some days there were only snowy images on the TV screen and we could vaguely make out the pictures and listen to the audio.

Some days my connection with the Holy Spirit is like this… a desert.

The week was a bit of a disconnect– some dysfunction at church– some disconnect at work– mix in a few hormones at home and you have a perfect cocktail of second guesses and what-ifs. Mind you, I didn’t spend copious amounts of time on the what ifs but there was quite a little bit of antenna-turning wondering if I was in tune with where the Almighty was leading me. In the end, I realized the unsuspecting place where I am is right where I believe He needs me to be. There is so much to absorb from my unsuspecting vantage point. I am grateful to be where it is that I am needed.

It might be
a five-minute conversation with a mom struggling with her sons unexplained pain.
It might be
the one-sentence response to a struggling coworker who barely made it to work today.
It might be
the brief conversation with any number of customers whom I had the pleasure to serve on my shift.
It might be
any one of these things.

Or it might be all of them.

God just gave me 24 hours to use as best I could to serve Him. It blows my mind to think of how many people I encountered. Me. The Introvert. How can it be?

So, ya. Sometimes in your faith walk you’re going to have highs. You’re going to have lows. During the times that you feel distant from God, He is just positioning you in a different vantage point. He doesn’t leave you out in the desert with a dried up spirit– He is with you all along. Never leaving. Never forsaking.

Be still.
Know that He is always with you.
Spiritual desert or grace falling like rain.
You. Are. Never. Alone.

Wallpaper For Week 256

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