Define Purity. Part 2.5

I hadn’t envisioned one post turning into a series but here we are.

What you might not see from your vantage point are private comments and messages that encourage me to continue this series. I will, even if there is one solitary soul out there in need of healing. It is so worth it to peal back the layers to get to the truth.

In this series I will touch on a few things on my heart…

  • Parents who believe in and vicariously live through their kids enough to invest in weeknights and weekends for sports, dance, and various competitions to build character and earn scholarships but who don’t believe in them enough to support them through an abstinence pledge. Ouch!
  • Marriages that have encountered infidelity and divorce.
  • Kids that have been affected by molestation, incest, and an impurity background. AKA: Kids who know too much but not enough.
  • Dating and relationships in high school vs early adulthood
  • More on forgiveness
  • True love, brotherly love, lust, and passion. The Greeks had this covered and the English narrowed it too much.

That is a glimpse of where my mind is at. The Lord only knows what will publish here at and I’m anxious to read it myself. Depending on how long this series carries on, I may break in every now and then with a thought of deviation since my mind bunny trails on so many random paths. This is keeping me focused and disciplined like ADHD therapy.

I have to take a break for my work/life balance but cannot wait to continue writing! It’s like looking down a long, empty hallway but there is a light at the end and a beautiful view! Trust me.


How do you feel after reading this post?

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