The Desert

I was laying in bed, unable to sleep. Today was filled with so many blessings, I couldn’t sleep thinking about how awesome it has been. The details of today astound me! How can it be that so many simple details can connect in such a way that I can see the orchestration– how very connected […]

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We are all a part of the big puzzle called life. Have you heard this analogy before? Do you know what’s wrong with it? While puzzle pieces are unique and fit together to form a bigger picture, each piece is rigid. They only fit together one way. In one area of the puzzle, you have […]

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Define Purity. Part 3

Can you relate to the feeling of getting into the shower or a bath and the water is too hot? You adjust the temperature to a comfortable place but within a few minutes, you turn up the hot water a little bit more, then a little bit more, as you become acclimated to the temperature. […]

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Undaunted…Hold On!

It might be a few days before I have the opportunity to write another blog post. In the meanwhile, I want to post a link to a dynamic speaker, Christine Caine. I have heard her powerful messages at Women of Faith as well at She Speaks last summer. I didn’t purchase more than two books at the […]

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Broken Promises. Broken Hearts. Broken Lives. Broken Spirits. Broken Down. As I begin to write today, my mind is spinning with a dozen ideals of where to go next. I know I will continue the Purity series just a little while longer. Although I could trail off to discuss marriage and our experience resurrecting our […]

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Define Purity. Part 2.5

I hadn’t envisioned one post turning into a series but here we are. What you might not see from your vantage point are private comments and messages that encourage me to continue this series. I will, even if there is one solitary soul out there in need of healing. It is so worth it to […]

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Define Purity. Part 2

… continued from ‘Define Purity, Part 1‘ When I was in Rwanda a few weeks ago, I asked a new acquaintance from Solace Ministries if sharing testimonies really helped the widows heal. It seemed like retelling their horrific stories over and over would somehow cause scarring like picking at a scab. She assured me that […]

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