Tangible Evidence

About a week ago, somewhere between the Sahara Desert and Istanbul, I was composing this blog entry in my mind. I was certain this reflection would be the first recollection I would share. Since I rely on the Spirit to prompt my writing, it is evident a few other things needed to come from my […]

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Life Changing

This phrase ranks in the top ten things folks say to someone who is going on or has been on a mission trip. I have heard it countless times. I smile each time with unspoken thoughts, too complex to explain in casual conversation. Here’s the problem [I have] with the statement– every day should be life […]

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Color Blind

I had been warned before heading to Africa that the pale color of my skin would stand out. In fact, my usual method of socialization– blending in and being a wallflower, would not be permitted by our hosts. It was true. For a week I had to acclimate to being put in the front row and […]

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Looks Like We Made It!

In light of the Barry Manilow concert postponing tonight, I have a little extra time to write today. What an odd opener, eh? I felt the need to offer the following tidbit of personal info as a background to the story that is unfolding. I recently made a conscientious effort to seek a job as a […]

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