Born into the lowest circumstances

I am biding some time in Starbucks this afternoon. Outside people move about like ants on a fumbled piece of candy.

Christmas preparations?

Inside I am doing study work for small group tomorrow evening. 2 Corinthians 8:9 reads:

You know the GRACE that has come to us through our Lord Jesus the Anointed. He set aside His infinite riches and was born into the lowest circumstances so that you may gain great riches through His humble poverty.

So… if you are struggling with stress this weekend and your to do list seems longer than the remaining days before December 25…

All of “this” is not what it’s all about.


God set aside all the treasure stored up in Heaven to give anyone willing to receive this free gift. It cost Him His only Son.

One & only.

How long will we pause and ponder the price of that gift before we are off and running again?

…contemplating the perfect gift.
…pondering if the gift you want to give will be perceived as too much or too little.
…struggling betwixt the reality of your finances versus the desires of your heart.

What IS your hearts desire?
What IS this all about?

Humbly let us adore Him, just as He intended. Open hearts. Open minds.

Be present in His presence.

How do you feel after reading this post?

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