I’m making humble pie for thanksgiving

I am writing today because it is time.

I have been fumbling with feelings of inferiority and fear of judgement that I’m not qualified. It occurred to me the other day– if everyone waited for perfection to write, there would be nothing on earth to read.

I will never be perfect.
I will always be judged.

I am culminating thoughts into a writing for Thanksgiving as I do each year. I stumbled upon a blog by a local pastor that covers all I have contemplated in the past year  [click here]  I wanted to post the link here because it gives seven great points to consider. Mark writes in his final observation, “Augustine, a great church father, likened pride to a mother who is pregnant with all other sins.” This was the key reflection I made this year as well. At the root of all that is dysfunctional, there is a root of pride. If we are going to change the world through humanitarian efforts, there is no room for pride. There is no room for self. A humble heart is the only way we are going to bring about change in our world–
Change around the corner.
Change across the sea.
Change in our own homes.

The next time things go awry, stop the cycle. We cannot change the hearts of others but we can take a higher road to circumvent a negative outcome. Ask–
Am I withholding love to hold onto pride?
Am I withholding forgiveness to hold onto pride?
Am I forming a judgement based on my own pride?
Am I doing this to seek glory for myself (pride)?
If I am doing things for others, am I also hoping for a wee glimpse of glory for myself? (Um, it’s still pride.)

It has certainly been an enlightening year from my vantage point and I’m going to return to fumbling my way through writing to try to clearly summarize my thoughts. Heaven help me.

Heaven also help me as I bridge humility to love in the coming year. I’m pretty excited He put this one on my heart at this time. It is going to be quite the ride, as it is each and every year.

Mark Driscoll’s blog entry starts off with the following introduction. This sums it up for me too. I won’t worry about being qualified to write. I’m just gonna do it!

The worst decisions in my life, the times my anger has gotten the best of me, and the instances of my greatest regret were all the result of my pride. Pride never helped anything. Pride never improved anything.

I’m not qualified to write about humility, but you’re not either. Therefore, as the chief hypocrite, I’ll take the liberty.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 2.30.51 PM

How do you feel after reading this post?

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