Fruit. Pruning. Contemplation.

I’ve been on a medium-sized hiatus from writing. My last post was a foreshadowing that was rather inadvertent. This is the value of journaling.

Something rattled my cage that day. It gave me a shake needed to focus attention where God needed it to be focused to see what He saw. I did.

Since that time, He has used events in this month that were both planned and unforeseen to shake our world here on earth quite a bit. I am now in a position to better see things from His perspective and will have a lot more time to do so. He planned it that way.

I will be writing less.
I will be writing more.

Less words but more frequency. See what I did there?

My devotionals are focused on bearing spiritual fruit. For those of you of this world, this means being patient, kind, loving, faithful, gentle… all the good stuff we should bear no matter what our beliefs. I am simply pondering this in a new place and time as I contemplate my future. I have been pruned. Pruning is a good thing to help a tree be fruitful. You just need to wait for the blossoms to be fruitful.

I used to get frustrated with my full-time job. I loved my full-time job… I loved what I did and the people with and for whom I worked. I sometimes wondered if my job was keeping me from bearing fruit. I certainly had a hard time bearing the fruit of patience with deadlines constantly whirling about my head and gentleness as I tried to enforce those deadlines.

Now, as I sit alone in my home office [a deck full of summertime blooms, mind you], I wonder…

If a tree bears fruit and there is no one around to pluck the fruit, is the fruit worthy?

I will continue on this thought all the more in the days to come. Of course my postings will be random and introvertedwhat more would you expect?



How do you feel after reading this post?

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