A fostering heart.

These two words define a person who will willingly love someone without consideration for what they will get back in return.

The idea of fostering is often associated with children suffering from abuse or neglect. The ideal foster parent is willing to love on the children that come into their life without expecting anything in return. They know they may come for a short season, never to be seen or heard from again. They hope the seeds of love they sowed will grow without their care to water and nourish.

The concept of a fostering heart can go beyond parenting. Humans seem to look at our time as an investment. What will I personally net in return for my time?

I penned these thoughts a few months ago as our family encountered a new and unexpected relationship. At the time, my spirit was in the process of being broken and reshaped [yet again]. It put me in a state of contemplation with every facet of my life. Here is what I concluded in that time…

As a God follower, our example should be Christ alone. Would He hold back love and concern because people may not follow Him? He knew people would ridicule him but he loved them anyway.

If I am looking for a return on my love investment, I will likely miss out on many of my best life experiences due to the fear of risk. However, if I am pouring out unconditional love– the act of freely giving love with a peaceful heart and mind that I may not get anything in return, I will experience an insurmountable joy!

I was recently challenged for my motives in a relationship. Human concern is so easily tainted by pride and envy. It creates a veil that makes it difficult to trust. Why on earth would someone be so willing to pour into someone else without having an ulterior motive?

Perhaps they have learned to love and let go.
Perhaps God has gifted them with a fostering heart.
Perhaps they are trying to walk in His footsteps rather than conforming to the ways of the world.

If I could have a superpower, I wish I could see how random acts and random words have been used to build and restore. God doesn’t give us superpowers; He gives us the opportunity to fully rely on Him through our faith. One day He will meet us. His followers long to hear, “Well done. Well done!” Until that time, He offers glimpses of tangible evidence to keep us going. He gives us one another to love on.

Let’s work to love each other even if we are just passing by for a short season.
Let’s love each other as if we will spend the rest of our lives together.

I cannot imagine going through life having never felt love.
I cannot imagine anyone else never knowing the bliss of a warm heart.

You may never know the positive impact of your words. Say them anyway.


How do you feel after reading this post?

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