Gardening Metaphor | Weeds

So often we post the presentable parts of our lives to social media. Being the transparent gal I am, I recently posted a picture of a patch of thistle growing in one of my gardens. The post turned into a literal discussion on weeding so I thought it might be best to make a blog post to get back to the metaphor of the weed and what it represents.

There are a few thistle plants are in a bed I haven’t gotten to yet. Fact is, no one can really see it between the fence and terrace. But the fact remains, if I don’t deal with them, the roots will set deeper, it will get bigger thorns, it will flower— which might seem attractive but the beautiful purple flower will spread more seeds. Sure, it will feed the finches and will serve that purpose. But that will only spread the seed further, creating a bigger problem.



You probably won’t notice my thistle crop because I have maintained most of the other flower beds. My guess is 300 gallons of weeds have been pulled so far this year. You wouldn’t know though, because they have been hauled away.

Yeah, bad habits [aka: sins] are like that too…hidden until you have to deal with them (or the neighbors complain).

I like gardening. I like metaphors.

It kinda stinks when you’ve busted your hump to beautify most of your yard and someone can only notice the weeds that you haven’t gotten to yet. It’s best to not invite those types over for a cookout. Get the metaphor I slipped in there? [giggling]

I know this guy who also liked gardening metaphors. [Read His story here]

How do you feel after reading this post?

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