He always takes care of me

I was feeling a little irritated that the ATM at my bank was out of order during my lunch hour. And then it hit me…

If the ATM was working, I wouldn’t have gone into the bank to make my deposit.

If I didn’t go into the bank to make my deposit, I wouldn’t have noticed the tire was quite low.

So here I sit, feeling down on myself for spending as much on flowers this past weekend as I should have spent on two new tires. I knew I needed tires before an upcoming road trip. I planned to get them ‘soon’. I also planned to cut back on flowers. I could kick myself and then it occurred to me; this was a well orchestrated plan.

I am grateful I didn’t have time to pick up my daughter’s glasses last week.
I am grateful I didn’t take time to go to the bank this weekend.
I am grateful I have someone watching over me to orchestrate these minor details to prevent

SOMETHING WORSE from happening.
A blow out on the expressway, perhaps?
A flat when I was driving through a not-so-great neighborhood?
A flat when I really needed to be somewhere.

My list of blessings is far longer than the minor inconveniences and first-world problems I could dramatize.

I am grateful He allowed time to get to my trusty mechanic near my office.
I am grateful He allowed safety as I traveled on an under-inflated tire.
I am grateful He provided time in the mechanics schedule to accommodate the repair.
I am grateful He provided the car for us in the first place [more on that in another blog].
I am grateful my boss was heading back to the office to give me a lift.
I am grateful to have finances to make these necessary repairs.
I am grateful the car will be finished before the end of my work day.
I am grateful to have a trusted garage to service His car.

I could (and should) continue listing the many blessings in this situation. I thought I’d jot down a quick blog post about this because we [I] need to be more grateful about what goes right in my day rather than what doesn’t go well. I need reminders that my first-world conveniences often cause more first-world drama, if I let it.

I don’t want to let things go too far. I spent too many years spinning out of control about things that were going wrong without realizing just how much was actually going right.

I am so grateful I am not in control of my life.
I am so grateful I am in control of how I react to life.
I am so grateful He gives me freewill to be grateful.

It is much more meaningful to have a heart full of gratitude without someone making you, isn’t it?

Choose gratitude.
Choose optimism.
Choose peace.



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