A fostering heart. These two words define a person who will willingly love someone without consideration for what they will get back in return. The idea of fostering is often associated with children suffering from abuse or neglect. The ideal foster parent is willing to love on the children that come into their life without […]

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The call for the call

I was fretting and feeling unprepared for an upcoming conference. Despite words of encouragement, I let doubt get the best of me. Even though you can feel it creeping into your soul and you try to push it back, you wonder if that doubt is your intuition trying to give your mind some honest feedback. […]

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Gardening Metaphor | Weeds

So often we post the presentable parts of our lives to social media. Being the transparent gal I am, I recently posted a picture of a patch of thistle growing in one of my gardens. The post turned into a literal discussion on weeding so I thought it might be best to make a blog post to […]

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Sometimes blogging is like this photo.
Outward observances turning into inward reflection.
Pray that I can keep my focus looking upward.
Pray that my words can be helpful and affirming.
Pray that I can be humble and not seek affirmation except that of my Lord.
I appreciate prayerful friends and am honored when someone asks me to pray for them.
Never underestimate prayer!

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