More questions than answers lately.
I will continue to wait.
I have heard patience is a virtue. I’m not feeling virtuous.
Being patient is difficult when any type of pain is involved…
emotional… physical… any type of pain.
How do you tell someone who is hurting, “Wait and see…”
When answers are so far away and faith alone is all you have, we might question our faith.
Faith is something I never thought I would question.
It is best to be still. Be very, very still.
Pray until you have no more words to offer.
Wait and see.
I know He is good but I want to know the purpose for the pain.
Waiting until tomorrow seems so far away when there is pain.
If there was assurance that tomorrow might hold the answer, then it might not seem so far away.
But there are no assurances.
There is no guarantee.
There is only faith.

I am looking for something tangible.
I realize that my prayers have run out of words and my thoughts are muttering.
My mutters are turning back to written words.
The words are taking me back to The Word.
And there it is… Matthew 17
The verses I have treasured in my heart take me right where He needs me to be.
Not with my words, with His words.
This is an exercise of faith.
Ten minutes of typing out my thoughts that had formed a web I might have been tangled in… questioning my faith.

Nope, I don’t have answers now. I won’t have them tomorrow either.
I do have renewed faith. Even just a little bit stronger is better than having no faith.


How do you feel after reading this post?

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