Anger Management

Two dear friends posted articles regarding anger. As I often do with social media posts, I made a mental note to go back to read them when I had ample time to absorb the content. The articles were two completely different posts but both had valuable insight regarding parental anger. Having dealt with [read: still struggling with] anger management, I wished I had this wisdom years ago. I also wish I could do a complete 180 degree turn on a dime at this moment to improve this trait. “If wishes were fishes…” …they aren’t.

At this moment in time I am working to improve my response to challenging situations.

At this moment in time I have more inner peace that I will never be perfect but each day I improve is better than where I was.

At this moment in time I would love to gather up all the people I have hurt with my words and erase our memories. That is a lot of people. It is my prayer that the Lord would lead me to encounters with them and give me the words to promote healing. Celebrate with me… this is a huge mountain to move for a prideful Swede who would cross the street to avoid confrontation!

Take heed, the art of forgiveness does require one to take action and make the moves to start the healing process. However, human nature tends to manipulate the plans God has in the works and our best intentions end up being a monkey wrench in His plan. Healing takes time; be still and know that God is in control. Be in prayer and let Him lead you. You need to be in the Spirit for this to work. Are your prayers your own thoughts churning in your mind? Or are they insight from the Spirit?

My thoughts about anger naturally tumbled into thoughts of forgiveness with today’s post and I hope this was helpful. Considering my thoughts of anger oft times tumbled into thoughts of justification, this is monumental! If justified anger is your predicament as well, I hope you too can learn from these two articles:

Mom Sets the Tone by Ruth Soukup (Don’t let the title sway you… great insights for fathers to utilize.)

Anger: Giving in to the enemy by Jay Younts

“Whoever is patient and slow to anger shows great understanding, but whoever has a quick temper magnifies his foolishness.”   — Proverbs 14:29

My the peace of the Lord be with you,


How do you feel after reading this post?

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