Raising children on the freeway of life.

Raising kids with traditional values often times feels like driving the speed limit on the expressway. People flip you off, beep their horn, or cut you off to make a point, even if you stay out of the ‘fast lane’. But in both scenarios, obedience should be respected even if it isn’t the ‘norm’. Choices are ones own, as are ones opinions. There isn’t one perfect way to raise your kids.

I’m not posting this as a reaction to any one thing in particular.

It’s just an observation I’ve made– so often human nature causes us to judge from either side. Nursing vs bottle fed; thumbs vs pacifiers; public school, private school, home school; crushes… dating… courting. Judging one another isn’t helpful at all. There is no way to know what is going on in the hearts and heads of people. No matter if we are driving a car or raising kids, we would all fair better with more compassion for the road each of us is on. It’s important to keep your eyes on the road but to be mindful of what is going on all around you– on the road of life or simply on the road.

I am not a patient driver but I’m learning. For instance, if I’m near the airport I know people are trying to find their way. Sometimes it is necessary to slow down if you are a little lost. The next time you see a driver who appears a little lost, show some mercy. If you see a person that seems a little lost, show some mercy. Such is life.

Wishing you all peace in your days.


[My first few posts may likely be reposts from Facebook commentary.]

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