Anger Management

Two dear friends posted articles regarding anger. As I often do with social media posts, I made a mental note to go back to read them when I had ample time to absorb the content. The articles were two completely different posts but both had valuable insight regarding parental anger. Having dealt with [read: still struggling with] […]

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Don’t tug on Super Mom’s cape

My thoughts often process in the form of song lyrics. Jim Croce sang the above title in the chorus of, ‘You Don’t Mess Around with Jim‘. My full time job and my moonlight business both have important deadlines this week with crucial steps converging the last two days. I love spinning beautiful plates. Helping others is my […]

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If a tree fall in the woods…

… and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound?      “…You do not listen; you lack faith because you are not My sheep. My sheep respond as they hear My voice; I know them intimately, and they follow Me. I give them a life that is unceasing, and death will not have the last […]

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Parenting analogy, part 2

Parenting analogy, part 2

Tonight I feel like I’ve been juggling a soccer ball to set up a goal. I’m gently nudging her in this direction and that as we move forward. Occasionally you pass off to another teammate to advance down the field. All the while you are watching to make sure the opponent doesn’t sneak in to steal the ball and take in in the wrong direction.

Yep… parenting is like that.

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Gimme That Old Time Religion

I recently dissected Psalm 69 on a social media post to illustrate the way God uses the ancient Word to speak to us today. The follow up commentary that resulted is expanded below as my thoughts tumbled one into the other. I often pour out my heart to my friends on social media to make […]

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Please! Take this cup from me!

My friend, Anita, posted this link to Facebook today. Rather than simply sharing via social media, I’d like to include this in my blog. It is a poignant message as Good Friday is a week from today. The upcoming week is set aside for Christians to prepare our hearts for Easter and the ultimate sacrifice that it was, and is. More on that later this week. For now, enjoy this good read as encouragement to keep on keeping on! ❤

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.19.12 AM
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